Poespapier !

what happened:
I started blogging for a design project, and gave myself a lot of challenges: 50 hoorays in 150 days.
although i didn’t completed every task on this 150-days-challenge-list, 
i had to finish the project last year. and with the project, this temporary blog ended.  

but i loved making it, had so much fun blogging, 
i drew, photographed, painted, cutted & pasted more than i ever did before.
acquired a taste for it, so i had to continue.
With this new blog.
(later, I changed from poespapier.blogspot.com to sarahpoesen.be)

This time, there is no big list i have to complete in time 

(some people will be thankful for that :))

but as i’m a list-addict, i’ll use for this blog also a ‘wish list‘.

i made a list of five things i want to try out, paint, draw,…
As soon as i tried something of the list, i’ll add a new thing. 
(suggestions welcome!)

i start with this mini-list!

1. draw a beautiful TAPIR
2. make a little TEXTILE illustration with my sewing machine
3. try out a paper COLLAGE 
4. make a painting of BARE LEGS
5. invent some new LETTERS for the header of this blog 

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Poespapier !”

  1. hoera! goed dat je weer online bent. ik ben benieuwd naar de vijf uitdagingen en zal eens goed nadenken over een paar volgende 🙂
    veel liefs!

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