blogging stress

i told myself 
i would only post finished illustrations or images on this blog, 
and only the nice ones.
the result is: almost two weeks of silence on the blog front.

it was a strange idea because actually, 

i don’t make many finished ‘clean’ images. i just try, and a lot of times i’m fond of how it turns out (mostly not at all like it’s supposed to be and with a lot of stains).
so that’s what i will do here, 
i will try something, paint with clots, cut baldly (is it a correct word?) and draw and knit and 
do crochet (that’s my new thing this week) 
and have fun doing all this, without paying too much attention to the outcome.
but i sometimes will be satisfied enough with the result to give it to a friend.

so that said,

here is the result of todays painting of bare legs.
note for myself, i should have done it on canvas (now it’s on paper) – i should have used a clean eraser (the black dirt-marks are all around) and in the future, i should try it with oil paint. NEW THING on the list!


3 thoughts on “blogging stress”

  1. Mooie benen!
    Als je een starterskit olieverf kan gebruiken, roepen maar! De allereerste kinderkoffertjes werden hier met olieverf aangevallen, wat niet zo'n goed plan bleek te zijn…

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