silence on the blog, but not in my sketchbook. 

the last few weeks / month, i used almost every free moment to sketch.
and i tried to prepare well. 
so, last weekend was the big weekend. and it was such a good weekend.
i took some pictures of my working table :
(i was sitting on the side of the scene – in de coulissen – with a camera above my table,
which projected the drawing & my hands on the big screen for the audience and on a little screen in front of me. all very professional.)
from my corner, i could see the performances and prepare myself for the next drawing (in the dark).
Glimpse of the audience…


it was so nice to draw in a different way (quite fast, and with 150 people looking at it while you draw it), a good practice in thinking sharp and drawing something interesting in a few
and it was great to participate in the show, thanks for the opportunity oiterpe!
the (too) many compliments made me grow a little.
next: finishing the drawings! and organize all this sketches…


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