3 norwegian months

as i’m fond of making lists, a small summary of these three months.
randomly selected.

it has been three great months:
we met very nice people, saw cool projects along the way and had inspiring conversations,
saw more mountains than ever
and a lot of sea, in all different shades of blue.

we spend these three months like sponges and learned a lot.
i know how to use a drop saw
how to cut the wings of a chicken
how to fillet a fish
and that pallets can be used for everything.
i know about the smell of ducks (don’t touch them! the smell gets in your skin!),
and that most tourists can’t drive a mobilhome.

we discovered that the norwegian food disappoints us a bit
that there is room for improvement of our physical condition
that having more than one supermarket in a city is a big luxury
that our friends at home are still the funniest and best friends
and that one night at the bar equals five nights at the Gentse feesten.

we are ready for more! more! more!

5 thoughts on “3 norwegian months”

  1. One night in a bar equals five at the Gentse Feesten?
    Je geheugen laat je danig in de steek! Die schade zetten we volgend jaar recht…

    Heel veel plezier daar!

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