my outdoor self

Norway gently forces me to be an outdoor lover.
and – slowly – succeeds.
because Norway is just Norway: stunningly beautiful.
but also because the nature is the most exciting part of the places in Norway we are/were in.

last week, my mood was a bit down.
for the first time since we are traveling-working-living in Norway (almost 4 months)
i didn’t feel so comfortable.
and it made me think about our plans and choices we make.
we chose to be surrounded by the (amazing) nature of Norway
but last week i had the feeling that the outdoor person in me is still small.
and that my appetite for other things (culture and art, cities, having aperitifs with friends) is growing.

the focus of (this part of) Norway is on outdoor activities and outdoor life,
and mostly, they are not so concerned by how something looks, how they present it or how cosy it is.
i realized that’s my weak spot.
it miss a kind of cosiness in villages or places we visit.
although there are some real treasures, i feel a lot of times that something is missing.
or that something could have been a lot better, with some more effort or attention.

so i am just trying to focus on outdoor life, too.
and i’m happy: the ‘outdoor me’ just started growing.
i discovered how walking in the mountains empties your head.
how great it is to reach the top of a mountain.
and i can’t wait to go swim in the norwegian sea again.

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