yup, still alive!
after a long silence, i’m finally starting a new blog year.
hope you will keep on reading this year!
(last year was a record, more drawings ánd visitors then ever. hurra)

there was a big move south, of 800 km (to Trondheim)
and a big change of life.
we left the beautiful Lofoten islands (& miss the spectacular views a bit)
and our life with patrik & lena (who we miss even a bit more).
but we got a beautiful city life instead
with some cosy coffee houses, lakes nearby
and an apartment in the most beautiful street of town.

i’m still adapting to our new life.
trying to find a new daily structure,
improving my norwegian language,
looking for a job, but also considering to professionalize my illustration work.

it became clear to me again that too much information in my head
blocks my ideas and drawing.
but the urge to draw always returns.
hurra, it’s back.

let’s have a spectacular year!

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