bonfires & reindeer fur

we were day trippers last weekend.
we hopped on a train to Røros,
a charming town with amazing wooden houses and cosy courtyards.

it was snowing, it was cold and it was ‘rørosmartnan’.
what a treat to see all these norwegian folk traditions, clothes & local products!
sitting on a reindeer fur around a bonfire, drinking coffee, eating burgers,
walking in the snow, hearing a crowd cheering local songs (and feeling a bit at home, at a folk festival).

but it was funny and strange at the same time,
people in traditional winter clothes (= a lot of fur. but a LOT) and shoes,
little snowplows for home-use,
a market stall with many stuffed animals,
an artist making wood sculptures with a chainsaw (the horrible sound!),
an improvised market stall with wood stoves – no stall, just some stoves placed in the snow.
oh norway 🙂

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