about me

hei, i am very happy with your visit!

i am Sarah, an illustrator (and graphic designer)
who loves
drinking coffee,
all kinds of paper & things made out of paper,
funny animals (especially when having human characteristics),
things in miniature,
the calming and soothing effect of the sea,
being on the road,
going on mini-trips with minimal luggage,
taking a walk when it’s windy,
beautiful postcards,
gazing at illustrations,
fineliners and aquarel pencils,
having long dinners with friends,
seeing & smelling a homemade bread coming out of the oven

i like to sketch a lot
it makes my head a bit lighter
and it reminds me to focus and look carefully at things.
mainly i draw to have a souvenir of a situation,
or to remind things that made me smile or ideas that popped in my head.
for me, drawing is best with a good cup of coffee and a wood stove.
or on the train (with take-away-coffee), on my way to something or someone.

this year, i’m on a scandinavian road trip.
i fell in love with the Nordic nature and villages a long time ago,
and decided to pack my sketchbooks and my home in a suitcase and travel with my boyfriend to Norway.
to discover farms, mountains, coffee houses and boats, to meet people and learn new things.


apart from my personal drawings,
i also like to do commissioned drawings orgraphic design.
wedding invitations, postcards, a personalized drawing, a style for your website,
i am always happy to hear from you!
you can contact me by mail.



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