two christmas cards

it is this time of the year again:
winter! christmas! lights and blankets!
one of my favorite times.
here in the north, there is more darkness every day (it gets dark around 4pm),
so we watch movies, i learn to knit socks
and i have been drawing a lot again.
for christmas cards! (among other things)

lately i am obsessed with scandinavian sweater patterns,
so of course this theme sneaked into this years christmas cards.
as did the mountains.

this two cards* are available for sale!
– you can order them online in the wonderful webshop ‘Houtjevanpapier
– you can buy them in a Belgian shop:
Lily Oostende, Helen B & Fatima
 you can buy them in a Norwegian shop:
Bakeriet Unseld & Klokkarstu

*(bedankt voor de mooie foto’s, sophie!)

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