a norwegian exhibition

there was a little blog break, caused to
some days of pastéis de nata & wandering in wonderful Lisboa,
addictive books (like this one)
and a lot of drawing / turning the living room into a pile of paper scraps (for a new exhibition!).
but i’m back and proud to present my small but cosy exhibition
in one of my favorite places in Trondheim, kafe soil!

for the expo (my second one ever) i selected a few drawings i already posted on the blog
(like this one and a special version of this one),
but i mostly made new works.
the drawings, collages and postcards are grouped in little collections,
i had a lot of fun in making this compositions.
it was a week full of exciting stress, pasting, puzzling and playing with paper.

after i finished the walls, i really enjoyed myself with a big window drawing, to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the kafe!
(first picture, and on my instagram account below you can see one of me ‘at work’)

here’s an impression in pictures!
(… i’ll try to post some close up pictures of new drawings later on)

expo 6expo 1expo 2expo 8expo 9 expo 4expo 3expo 5

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