last days

strange days/weeks:
our norwegian year is coming to an end

in one week, we will be back in belgium
meeting friends and family with a big smile, eating fries.
but we got also very much hooked on norwegian nature / mountains / outdoor mentality, on some people and on having so much time together.
we are starting to have a wonderful life here,
so we leave with very mixed feelings.

we spent the last weeks well
went for a visit to lofoten,
(where we enjoyed hikes, a road trip and the minuscule fin of a whale)
we spend days being outside, wandering in the city,
drinking coffees, talking with friends,
and most of all: enjoying quiet life.
i’m trying to prepare mentally for a big change,
a bit of chaos, things to arrange, a lot of people and activities, a new life with a baby (in the end of july!), less drawing time,…

but for now,
i cut and paste and make images out of last year’s adventures.


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