norwegian saudades
& preparing an expo

between adapting to this new life (chaos & bustle),
making practical arrangements and starting a job,
i am preparing a new exhibition.

opening on the 1st of July,
on the walls of the art house where i work
and on a bigger scale than the last exhibition.
it’s exciting and great (but scary too).

i’m sorting out all norwegian drawings,
trying to group them into collections

but also trying to make some time and create a space to
put more ideas into drawings.
(without a house of our own, with drawing equipment on different locations and a lot of paper scraps all over the place – not that easy)
it is lovely when a whole day like this – soothing for my mind and inspiring.
hurray, today is a drawing day!

0611 expo 30611 expo 1 0611 expo 2

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