about me

what makes me happy
being near the sea
beautiful things made out of paper
watching cakes and bread grow in the oven
a full, relaxed breakfast
the smell of coffee / drinking coffee
traveling by train (even when commuting to work)
watching my daughter figure out something
packing just the perfect amount of things for a trip
heavy wind
food: homemade food, baking, trying new things, go for dinner
an endless view (gives my head a rest)
the excitement of rolling work through the printing press
a bonfire
things in miniature
those moments when everything seems possible

what i do
i draw and sketch, make collages and prints, design graphic work
mostly for me, but i also like to do commissioned work

why i make thingsĀ 
to remind me of things / ideas that made me smile
to focus, to look attentively at things
and because unused ideas make me restless

i am always happy to hear from you!
you can contact me by mail.


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